Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) strategies are as important to business today as they have ever been. We’ve designed Epicor CRM to help you stay ahead of the curve and successfully meet the challenges that the market brings—helping you effectively manage your entire customer lifecycle from prospect to cash to care, improve operational efficiency and accelerate growth—both internally and externally.

CRM controls every aspect of a company’s interaction with its customers and potential customers from generating the lead, developing the opportunity, taking the order, producing and shipping or supplying the goods or services, getting the cash and supporting the customer. Epicor CRM software are designed to a 360-degree view of the entire customer, supplier, or partner relationship. Epicor CRM broadens the scope of customer information to everyone within and across the organization and to stakeholders beyond.

Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) solutions further enhances Epicor CRM solution, delivering up-to-date contextual information to key stakeholders for the life of the customer relationship. Using ESE, customers, prospects, partners can collaborate with internal information workers to help ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction.