Office Automation System

Office Automation has come a long way moving from typewriters and facsimile to computers and emails, but you aren’t there just yet! Not if your office is still with paper from desk to desk for approval, not if it takes weeks to start working collaboratively across your dispersed teams. You just drove your car mid-way through your office automation journey.

Many companies just limit office automation to word processing, accounting, production, or setting up calendar invites. Why you would limit it when every repetitive and routine task can be automated? Office automation adds efficiency to daily office jobs, regardless of the departments and designations, and builds up data which help you to analyze your business better. It also creates a paperless working environment which makes your company to be environmental friendly. To get the most out of office automation, you need to look beyond just what you are doing now.

Success or otherwise in the approach to the office automation, will not simply affect overhead costs, it will affect every process of management – the information available to support decisions, the analysis of choices, how decisions and other information are communicated to staffs, how results are tracked and evaluated, even the analysis and refinement of the decision process itself.

Things to consider:

  • Is the system allowing you to designing operational flow?
  • Can you define a comprehensive access controls?
  • How about set up approval-strapped workflows?
  • Can user access the system anytime, anywhere?
  • How can it be integrated with existing system within the organization?